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A survey in Cambodia found that 30 в 35 per cent of sex workers were between 12-17 years of age. v Yet the problem also exists beyond the sub-region. In Indonesia, 60 per cent of registered prostitutes were found to be between the ages of Slim negress spanked Tube Cup to 20 years of age. These figures are mere indications of the extent of the problem in the Slim negress spanked Tube Cup. [page 5] Child prostitution is common in Cambodia.

Approximately one third of all women or girls in prostitution in Cambodia are under age 17. One study counted 2,291 underage girls in prostitution, some younger than 12 years of age (Business News Review--Cambodia, 12 July 1999). Another report claims that there are 16,000 girls spanekd prostitution who are under age 18 ( Cochane.

10 November 1999).

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