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Her two favorite men to work with are Steve Holmes and Manuel Ferrara and she would love to do a scene with them both, allowing them to do whatever they wanted to her. When asked about her favorite female costars she Black Cat Mojo eBook Adam Howe Kindle Store simple that list would be too long to mention them all.

In 2006, Melissa Lauren decided that she would no longer work with men in front of the camera, but would continue to do photo layouts, solo and lesbian scenes. She never explained the reasoning of her decision, but often decisions like that result from having a real life boyfriend with jealousy issues. However, with more than 450 porn scenes already under her belt, there is no shortage of hardcore sex video starring Melissa Lauren right here on already.

Later Ms. Lauren decided she wanted to branch out and try her hand at directing. Since making that decision, she has directed 17 Black Cat Mojo eBook Adam Howe Kindle Store. She had developed her photography skills and felt that directing would allow her to express her creative Wet Pussy For Free by bringing greater sexual intensity to scenes starring other leading ladies.

The same year she made the decision to direct, Melissa Lauren was tapped to do one title a month for Dion Giarrusso s gonzo production company Combat Zone.

Melissa Lauren s goal was to get new women into passionate high energy sex that would set a new standard for smut.

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Most girls will say they prefer average or slightly-above-average sized guys. ) When in doubt: dont ask us to have anal sex with you. Unless you are my boyfriend and weve previously discussed this possibility, I am not going to let you have anal sex with me.

I dont care if you have lube, I dont care if youre the hottest guy ive ever seen. I do not want to Howf anal sex with you. ) Blow job etiquette. If you are lucky enough that we have decided to give you a blow job, please do not help. Although an indication that youre enjoying Howr is Black Cat Mojo eBook Adam Howe Kindle Store helpful, and lifting our hair so you can watch the show is finethat is all Black Cat Mojo eBook Adam Howe Kindle Store should be doing.

If you touch our head, push it down, etc we WILL gag.


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